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Priority 1 Design Downloads page

rfid application software t5557 window Rfid Reader Application.

Download this rfid reader application program for the
RFIDREAD-RW, RFIDREAD-mRW, andRFIDRW-E series modules.

rfid reader keyboard wedge

Rfid Keyboard Wedge.

Download this keyboard wedge program for the
RFIDREAD-RW, RFIDREAD-mRW, and RFIDRW-E series modules.

datasnip serial port to keyboard wedge

Datasnip Keyboard Wedge.

Datasnip is a simple Communication port to Keyboard buffer redirection program. Characters arriving at a Serial Communication port of a PC will be transferred to the keyboard buffer allowing data to be imported
to any user application program that allows a keyboard input.

Download Datasnip

ultrasonic level sensor

Sonicranger setup and application program.

The SR-C sensor series use ultrasonic technology to provide a low cost non-contact method of detecting level, presence/absence, volume, proximity and distance measurements.
This free application program allows users to quickly set setpoints,
parameters, and read data from the Sonicranger.

Download this application program for the Sonicranger.

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