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Here you will find a range of products developed for the general market. If you do not find something here
that exactly matches your needs please contact our design department and let us know your requirements.
These products can be purchased on-line from our shopfront. 
qkeypad proximity keypad

Qkeypad - 16 key proximity keypad.

A proximity keypad is a set of virtual switches that detect a key press without the user
needing to make physical contact with the actual key.  The Qkeypad proximity keypad
operates by detecting minute changes in the electrostatic field surrounding the etched
electrodes on the PCB.

Proximity keypads are useful in applications where data entry in a sealed or protected
environment is required. The Qkeypad can be used in such applications as data entry
into sealed enclosures used in explosive or harsh environments, in secure areas
behind windows, or even hidden from view behind a solid wall.

Capable of detecting 16 discrete key activations the Qkeypad proximity keypad can
detect human touch through any dielectric panel up to a thickness of 10 mm.

RFID Reader Module EM4100 compatible

RFIDREAD-4100 RFID Reader Module

Designed for Reading EM4100 RFID proximity cards and Keytags this low cost reader
module is ideal for OEM users and hobbyists wishing to add a RFID reader to their
projects. Measuring only 66mm x 34mm this unit fits easily into small spaces.

Read more on this low cost RFID reader
Priority 1 Design carry a stock of low cost EM4100 rfid cards and keytags suitable for
this reader. View our range of low cost rfid tags.
RFID Reader Module EM4100 compatible

RFIDREAD-RW RFID Reader Writer Module

This low cost RFID reader writer module is an upgrade of our RFIDREAD-4100
RFID reader. Optimized for 125Khz transponders this unit is able to read EM4100
Tags as well as perform read and write operations for the popular T5557 RFID
transponders which carry 224bits of Read/Write data.

Read more on this low cost RFID reader writer module
Priority 1 Design carry a stock of low cost EM4100 and T5557 rfid cards and keytags
suitable for this reader. View our range of low cost rfid tags.
RFID Reader Writer Module core

RFID Reader Module core on a RS232 adapter

rfid reader writer with usb port

mRFID Series
Micro Sized RFID Reader Writer modules.

Measuring only  25x25x10mm this unit is functionally equivalent to our RFIDREAD-RW units but with externally connected LED and Buzzer functions. It is intended for users requiring a RFID reader writer in a small outline for applications with limited space.

A RS232 adapter unit with a mRFID module at its core allows users to quickly connect a reader to a PC, dumb terminal, or other peripheral device with a standard RS232 port.

Also available as an ultra small USB connected unit.

low cost animal tag reader with rs232

low cost animal tag reader with usb

Low cost Animal tag and RFID Reader Writer module
with External Antenna.

The RFIDRW-E is a RFID reader writer module with an externally connected
antenna coil for allowing greater application flexibility. As well as the popular
EM4100 and T5557/67 transponders this unit can also read animal identification tags using the FDX-B and HDX protocols as described by ISO11784/11785.

TTL to RS232 converter low cost version

TTL to RS232 converters

One of the easiest way to connect to a PC or other peripheral device is via a RS232
standard serial port.  As some  electronic devices only have TTL logic level serial
ports we developed a series of TTL to RS232 converters to allow easy interface to a
PC or terminal.

Our INT232-A units are low cost TTL to RS232 converters. They feature 1 transmit and
1 receive channel pair, and require a 5 volt supply.
low cost serial TTL to USB converter

TTL to USB converter

This unit is a simply low cost uart TTL to USB converter board for allowing serial
uart TTL level signals to be accessed via a standard USB port on a PC.
They feature 1 receive and 1 transmit channel, RTS,CTS and supply 5V to any external application.

low cost serial wiegand to rs232 converter

low cost serial wiegand to rs232 converter

Wiegand to RS232 converters

These Wiegand to RS232 converters are designed with 2 and 4  ports for taking  Wiegand 26 bit format and converting it to a RS232 data stream at 9600 Baud.

wiegand extender module

Wiegand Extender modules

Move Wiegand data long distances using these Wiegand extender modules.
Connect between two modules using 2 wire RS485 communications.

serial display module 40x2

SERDISP-4002 Serial LCD Display module

The SERDISP-4002 Serial Display module is a 40 character by 2 line LCD display mounted to a carrier PCB with processing electronics.
The on board electronics receives commands in either  RS232 or TTL level serial communications and displays the required text.

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